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Welcome to the
Lowell Republican City Committee's
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According to J. Renzullo, the person who submitted this video, Dick Morris used to work for the Clinton administration. Please watch and share this video.


March 17, 2012: At 11:30 AM, on Fox News Channel, the anchor reported that the Government is sponsoring ads that push the use of Gov. Food Stamps - which now begs the question: WHEN will YOU do something?


New Ad!

If only the date at the end was correct, this would be perfect. It's worth watching!

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     The Lowell Republican City Committee (LRCC) is made up of a group of people who embrace Republican ideals, who believe in the goal to achieve a balance and a voice of reason in State and Local Government, and who reach out and support both the community and candidates who dare to stand up and challenge the status quo.

     For far too long, our state has had only one party's message - one party's goal - one party's representation, and we continue to pay the price. At present, the overwhelming majority of your state representatives are Democrats, and they do nothing but override efforts to make our state work harder - leaner - on your tax dollars.

     The LRCC believes in democracy, balance, and debate. We believe that our Government should run as lean as it possibly can, we want an improved economy, and we believe in giving the voters a choice at the voting booth.

     We ask for your support in the voting booths, donations, volunteerism and even your activism - to encourage more Republican candidates to come forward. We believe that our state needs a more balanced Government. We want both job creation and self-employed entrepreneurs to thrive, and we can change the old status quo with your support.

Please support your Republican Candidates!

     Help to make your Government work harder and leaner. Send your representatives a message - Help to entice more businesses here to improve our local economy, create jobs, support small business, and, most of all, reduce the tax burden on the homeowners. Make your Government debate the issues with forethought, vision, and yes, leadership.

     Help us make your Government work harder for you and in your best interest as a whole - the people of the State of Massachusetts!

     We ask that you please contribute your thoughts, questions, donations, time, and if you wish to run for public office, please see our contact information below or click here to Contact Us. We look forward to supporting more Republican candidates, who openly embrace our mission, while we work for a more balanced and less wasteful Government.

Thank you for your visit.

     We invite you to browse our site and use our resource pages. You can conveniently research the voting records of your representatives, read current news and events, define your voting districts, wards or precincts, browse our book selections, and read about current candidates. We wish to provide a convenient site to help keep you informed about your local and state Government, and to help you make informed decisions in the voting booth. Please check back often as we continue to build our site - as well as our presence in the Greater Lowell Area!

Text contributed by T. Nicholas, 2004.


Lowell Republican City Committee